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Motorbiking with Mediterranean flair

Probably the two best islands in the Mediter-ranean Sea for biking, together in one tour: Corsica is the fourth-biggest and most mountainous island in the Mediterranean Sea. It was formed through volcanic explosions. That explains how the roads around Monte Cinto, with 2700 Meter the highest peak, are full with hairpins and curves. More than 1000 kilometer coastline surround Corsica, between rough cliffs and beaches. Despite belonging to France since 1768 there is still Italian influ-ence. Sardinia is the second-biggest island, most of its inhabitants speak Sardinian dialects. These Latin languages are influenced by Catalan and Spanish, as the island was for more than 400 years under Spanish rule. We can choose between countless winding roads. Nearly all are in perfect conditions, so riding around the Monti del Gennargentu is a real pleasure. And there will be several stops on the sandy beaches of Costa Rei, Costa Verde and Costa Smeralda. A refreshing bath will bring back the power for more explorations on two wheels. The cuisine of Sardinia will do its best, too: plates like Porcheddu, Sabbadas and Pane Carasau are some of the local speciali-ties. And on our way down to Genoa and back from Livorno to Munich not only one highlight is on our way: Lake Garda, Apennine Mountains, Portofino, the marble quarries of Carrara, the region of Trento and the Dolomites. Not to forget Pisa, next to the famous Leaning Tower we spend an unforget-table night close to the Piazza dei Miracoli.

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