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We start our tour in Budapest and cross the southern Puszta, the famous grassland basin in eastern and southern Hungary. Timisoara and the region of Banat will be our first destination in Romania. Permanent companion on tour is the river Danube, with more than 2900 km the second longest river in Europe. We pass the Iron Gates, this impressive gorge of the Dan-ube separates the Carpathian Mountains from the Balkan Mountains. Two nights we spend in Bulgaria: one in Sofia at the foot of Mount Vitosha where we visit the Saint Sophia Church. Another night in Velika Tarnovo, the city over the river Yantra was capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire. Back in Romania we cross Walachia and arrive at Bucharest. The capital of Romania is dominated by the Palace of Parliament, the world’s largest civilian building with over 1100 rooms. Sibiu, Brasov and Deva are other cities that we will see, and in the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania we enjoy the ride over Transfagarasana and Transalpina. This mountain roads lead up to over 2000 meters. At Oradea we return to Hungary and back in Budapest once more we enjoy the special flair of this city.

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