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Barcelona, Basque Country and mountains of the Pyrenees

This journey between Atlantic and Meditterranean Sea brings us from Barcelona into the mountains of the Pyrenees. We will cross the most beautiful passes such as Col Somport, Port de Larrau or Col du Tourmalet, annually the scene of the Tour de France. Huge calderas like Cirque de Gavarnie and Cirque de Troumousse will impress us as will the vulture-gorges of Arbayun and Lumbier. Always in sight are the highest peaks, crowned by the Pico de Aneto, more than 3400 Meters high. In Andorra, the small principality between Spain and France, lonely valleys are waiting as well as huge shopping-malls with a choice of tax-free goods. And in our hotel we will have enough time to relax and to cure our tired bones in the Spa after the endless winding roads. On the Atlantic coast we arrive in Basque country of the Basques, San Sebastian and Biarritz are the biggest cities. In San Sebastian we spend the night amidst hundreds of different Tapas, the small tasty delicacies. There is no other place in Spain where this unique culture of small dishes has more friends. In Pamplona we are on the trail of ”Papa” Hemmingway in the small lanes. Every year he was a guest of the bullfights. In France we visit Lourdes, the city with its miracle cave, the most visited pilgrim destination in Europe. At the end of our tour we dive into the world of the middle ages in Carcassone. This unique city still possesses a complete fortification with walls and towers, and in the narrow lane time seems to stand still. Here we must try Cassoulet, the traditional bean stew with pork or goose, which is famous in France’s southwest. Our last crossing of the Pyrenees brings us back to Spain and Barcelona. On a city trip we learn more about the Catalonian metropolis on the Mediterrean Sea, full with old monuments, modern architecture, the Olympic of 1992 and the unforgettable buildings of Gaudi. Sagrada Familia is his most famous work. A unique city with such a far reaching agenda.

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