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Highlands, Lochs and Castles

Our tour starts and ends in Newcastle upon Tyne. The city is dominated by seven bridges over the river, in one of the Pubs on the Promenade we can try our first Ale. The next day we reach the Cheviot Hills and cross the border into Scotland. Until 1707, Scotland was an independent kingdom. Numerous pic-turesque castles and abbeys will be along of our route. The landscape is formed by rough mountains, moorland and more than 10.000 km coastline. More than 30000 lochs can be found, the most famous is the 230 meter deep Loch Ness. Constantly changing landscapes accompany us throughout the tour. Many a movie was produced in the rugged mountain landscape, such as the Outland-er Saga in Eilean Donan Castle. Each one night we will spend in the three big cities Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, was once one of the world’s industrial centers and recovered in the past 20 years. In Edinburgh we spend the evening on the prominent Castle Rock. Twice we will cross Hadrian’s Wall, these defensive fortification was built nearly 2000 years ago under the rule of the Roman Empire. During a visit in one of the famous distilleries we learn more about Single malt whisky. Barley, yeast and water are the only ingredients of the Scotch Whisky.

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